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The importance of home delivery

As we all know Covid-19 will have a significant impact on how we live our lives will be profound. One good thing is that we humans will continue to eat drink and socialise. That trend is here to stay. Home Delivery, which has been growing at a significant rate before the coronavirus crisis, will become even bigger and more important for the success of your business now, both in the short and longer term. As the social distancing guidelines are lifted, it is evident that post virus life will be different as we all try to get back to the ‘new normal’ – and we fully expect the new norm to be a more cautious world as customers slowly adjust to getting back on with their lives. A strong menu offer along with an efficient delivery process and kitchen operation will be essential in getting it right.

We focus on your business and create a holistic plan that creates and drives your bran into the future maximising revenue potentials through menu items designed specifically for delivery whilst ensuring the kitchen operation and cost model for labor and food is highly efficient.

Our Method & How we help

Food and Beverage
We have expert knowledge and data on home eating trends. We will conduct a full review of your current food & beverage menu offer and create a new concept vision, including a delivery focussed gap analysis.
From this we will recommend a new delivery action plan with how to market the target market that is authentic to your values and concept driving sales and creating repeat business for your business.

Winning the Online Market Share
We have a proven system that will ensure you stand out against the competition?
We’ll give you an expert view on your brand design and a straightforward and easy action plan for your online presence and where to focus your marketing efforts. This includes a plan for your website content, social media and delivery platform content.


The creation of operating model focused on delivery – centred around consistency of dishes and process simplicity. A process optimized kitchen design and equipment selection, as well as supply chain and production and preparation plans.

Dish Development
New concept development or re-development of your current offer. Our recommendations will include top tips to ensure consistent quality and freshness on delivery, as well as those unexpected sparks that will deliver a restaurant experience at home.

Vital to the delivery experience – treat your packaging as first impressions to your customer. We will source best-in-class off the shelf options aligned to your product and arrange supplier set-up. We can also help design and brief on bespoke packaging if preferred with ROI in mind

Right team and easy training material are critical to operate a smooth and headache free delivery business. We will create a people plan with, easy to follow job descriptions and suggested salaries and wages in order to achieve optimum profitability and repeat customer base. This is then supported with best-in-class standard operating procedures and processes to follow.