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We offer expert help to improve your commercial performance and shift revenue capabilities by

  • Evaluating all current revenue management practices
  • Analyzing market segmentation
  • Reviewing STR performance
  • Pricing
  • Detailed Demand Forecasting based on our expert economic insight
  • Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Optimizing Revenue Management Systems

Our passion is to develop sound commercial strategies that help improve conversion from top line revenue to bottom line profit.

We can help to bring out the best in your people, processes and technology.

Overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks ahead?
See our quick tips of must-do revenue tasks to set you up for a great day:

  1. Review On the book, pick-up, forecast and strategy
  2. Competitor Pricing – what has changed? – what is the impact?
  3. Review decisions of your RMS (Revenue Management System)
  4. Benchmark – for example STR/Hotstats – How did you do versus the competition? Yesterday, Month to date, Year to date
  5. Group Status – Any change in group status that will impact your strategy and decisions?

Key Specialties:

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Revenue Management
  • Yield Management
  • Electronic Distribution
  • Business Mix
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Systems Reviews
  • Business Systems Alignment & Re-Configuration
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Bedroom Mix
  • Repositioning
  • Reputation Management
  • Supporting individual Hotels that don’t have ongoing Head Office Support
  • Supporting Hotel Chains in transformational projects
  • Training
  • New Property Feasibility studies
  • Due Diligence

System implementations & upgrades

A new system is a big investment that will impact your business for many years to come.

We will guide you through the vendor selection process and help you decide on the right system that not only meets your business requirements but more importantly also integrates with existing systems.

We manage the implementation and integration by working in complete harmony with the ownership; always executing from your original vision and mission

  • Liaising with chosen suppliers and third parties
  • Working closely with your cross departmental teams
  • Freeing up your teams to run your daily business as usual
  • Ensuring that all operational requirements are met
  • Analyzing training needs
  • Translating IT language to meaningful operational communication

My team and I cover a wide range of systems including

  • CRS – Central Reservations Systems
  • RMS – Revenue Management Systems
  • PMS – Property Management Systems
  • Distribution channels including
  • IBE – Internet Booking Engines
  • MBE – Mobile Booking Engines
  • Channel Managers, Direct Connects
  • Rate Shopping Tools

Let us take the stress out of systems implementation for you.

If you need advice, have a question for the team, or would like someone from BONDI FISTRAL & RAI GLOBAL to contact you.

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