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Business Mentoring & Coaching

We have in-depth knowledge of the following areas to take your business and grow it by 10-fold and more and work with your leadership team to help them implement

  1. Three steps to creating killer content strategy
  2. Five things the super successful do online
  3. Five ways to double sales in 90 days
  4. Six hacks to crush it with Instagram
  5. Eleven steps to make Facebook adds profitable
  6. Thirteen bulletproof strategies to improve conversion
  7. Seventeen YouTube ad secrets for outrageous success
  8. Ultimate SEO secrets black book
  9. Twelve insider trade secrets to double sales & profits from your PPC campaigns
  10. Twelve ways to find Facebook gold

Outsource your leadership and drive

People think when you want to change your life, you need to think big. But I have discovered another way. In my learning over the period of 27 years I know that real change comes from the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions – doing two push-ups a day, waking up five minutes earlier, or reading just one more page.

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We will work with your leadership team and deliver the following lessons in a very engaging and dynamic workshop with major life changing outcomes

Lesson 1 – Awareness come before desire

Lesson 2 – Happiness is simply the absence of desire

Lesson 3 – With a big enough why you can overcome any how

Lesson 4 – Being curious is better than being smart

Lesson 5 – Emotions drive behaviour

Lesson 6 – We can only be rational and logical after we have been emotional

Lesson 7 – Reward is on the other side of sacrifice

Lesson 8 – Self-control is difficult because it is not satisfying

Lesson 9 – Desire initiates. Pleasure sustains

Lesson 10 – Hope declines with experience and is replaced by acceptance

Take risks but do nothing risky

As my mentor used to say Take risks but do nothing risky. It could not be truer for an entrepreneur who is invested not only emotionally into their business but also financially. We come in with a fresh pair of eyes and our goal is to maximise your investment and remove anything risky to help you achieve the ROI that you truly disserve

New Business Mentoring

We can support and guide new business owners and entrepreneurs through mentoring sessions. This ‘fresh eyes’ approach will help you develop your idea into a clear business vision. We’ll guide you through the process of launching a food business and help you navigate your way around the food industry.

We work with new business owners from early idea stages through to launches and provide ongoing support post launch.

Concept and Business Plans

By reviewing your business plans and ideas with you, we can challenge and build on your ideas and help you avoid commonly made mistakes and pitfalls.

Input from industry experts, with emphasis on operational and commercial achievability, will make your plans more robust and help to ensure you’re creating a business that is set for success.

External Project Leadership

Sitting as part of your leadership team, we will help drive forward projects and your food strategy to support, challenge and direct your food business growth.

A fresh external perspective without the shackles of the day to day operations can be invaluable.

  1. Turnaround Existing Business
  2. Re launch your business – Do the same thing but differently

Business Review & Relaunch Plan

We are here to help you achieve the best possible result and take advantage of the low hanging fruit

As we are experiencing challenges like never before – but if there is one industry that has the creativity and sheer willpower to come through this, it’s our inspiring family of restaurants, cafés, hotels and food producers.

Like you, we’re currently working out how best to maintain our business and support those most in need during the lockdown phase of this crisis – but once we come through this, and we will, we all need to be ready for business.

The damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. We will help you adapt your business, ensuring you are better prepared and in the best possible shape to re-open and thrive as the restrictions from Coronavirus are gradually lifted.

  • Business Review & Relaunch Plan
    In many cases food businesses will need to adapt, both operationally and from a product offer perspective, to not only react to the current impact on the industry, but also address and plan for the consequences that we anticipate in the coming months and years.

    We can undertake a remote review of your business and co-create the most appropriate operating model for your re-launch. This service combines both our Operational and Product Experience Reviews and gives you a clear plan of action.

    Using our years of learnings from leading restaurant brands, we will help you simplify your operation, delivering a refined menu that is full of blockbuster, sales driving dishes, and be ready for the inevitable changes in the way customers will eat – always ensuring we stay true to your concept vision.

    Our aim is for you to get back up and running in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

Areas to be reviewed

Food and drink proposition

A full review of your current menu offer by industry experts, including a gap analysis of all day-parts. Taking into account menu suitability for today’s ever changing industry climate, we will create a refinement proposal and suggested future menu direction.

Eat-in, take-away and delivery

The balance will be vital, and a major reason for a restaurants success or failure in the coming months. Following our evaluation we’ll create a future proof ‘menu model’ split for your business, ensuring you have the right offer for all customer channels, and the ability to execute.

Operations and support materials

Do your current back-of-house systems give you the best chance of delivering product consistency? We’ll benchmark your business against industry best practice to help improve efficiency, consistency and quality, providing you with templates to implement simple Ops processes.

Kitchen design and equipment suitability

An evaluation of your current set-up, creating a gold standard kitchen layout recommendation alongside suggested (specialist where necessary) equipment to help reduce food waits and improve service speed and consistency – ready to support your concept relaunch.

Customer experience

We will review your target customer and ensure your messaging is crystal clear to them. As part of the review we will evaluate the main touchpoints of the vital customer journey (in-store and/or online), with recommendations on how to improve.

Supply chain and prep processes

A review of your food and drink prep processes (in-house prep vs. outsourcing), benchmarked against industry leaders. We’ll provide you with a recommendation plan suitable to your concept and team skill-set.

Menus and POS material

We’ll give you a fresh eyes view on your brand design and supporting marketing material, and it’s coherence with your concept offer – with an action list of where to put your focus right now. More often than not, simplicity and clarity of message are key.


You need the right team and operational support materials in place to succeed. We will identify gaps in training material and review hierarchy and team structures – with recommendations and templates aligned to your concept offer.

How it works

Establish goals

We conduct a kick-off video call to understand the needs, goals and challenges of your business, in line with our suggested review areas.

Using stakeholder video calling throughout the process ensures we stay aligned and allows all supporting material to be shared.


To ensure we fully understand your business we review all relevant data available to us which includes P&L performance, sales mix, COGS and labour, supply chain, recipe costs & margins, kitchen layouts, site floorplans, operational documentation and customer feedback.

This gives us a thorough understanding of your business. The detail is in your data.


We produce a report based on the agreed goals from our kick-off meeting, as well as our industry knowledge and experience. The project concludes with stakeholder video meetings to discuss our recommendations, and together we determine how to implement the changes and improvements.